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My name is Marina Balkandzhieva, and I am Faberlic Representative.45133531 1260788057395191 336116834845589504 n - About

I am one of those women, who started in direct sales during maternity leave.

I met with Faberlic accidentally. It was offered to me by a friend and I decided to try. The truth is I almost gave up a few times…

At the end of the day, I am glad I didn’t!

What do I do?

Faberlic is giving me the opportunity for progress. Something more – it motivates me and supports me. The beginning was difficult. I had already decided – this is the thing I want to do, this is the thing I want to turn into my full-time job. I felt absolutely satisfied from this job, although I had to, and still have to work hard to fulfill my goals and wishes. 

I have been supported by competent people, their experience is showing me the right way and my mistakes, it teaches me and helps me. But everything depends on me. It is me, who have to do the things, it is me, who have to contact people, make sales, grow my personal team. It is me, who have to work for my success. Depends on me if I will succeed or I will fall down. 

The feeling that you are doing something important, that you have a team, which is willing to help with everything The Ladder Of Success - Aboutthey can, to give advice, can’t be put in words.

That moment was my real beginning at Faberlic.

I feel absolutely satisfied with my work and the results I am getting at the end of the day.

Other Side Activities

Another thing I frequently do is selling writing services. I offer beauty and cosmetics related blog posts.

Feverr Freelance Services is the best solution. You can easily create Gigs, you can promote yourself on the platform, on social media, on your own website. It provides unlimited options.

Check out my profile for more information. And here’s how my current Gig looks like.


If you need any help in starting with Feverr, feel free to contact with me. I’ll gladly give a hand!

The Blog Idea

The main idea of this blog is to present Faberlic, to let people understand what is Faberlic from first hand.

When a person is familiar with the details, they are ready to choose between various options.

Here you will find:

  • The history of Faberlic
  • The opportunities for starting a business with Faberlic.
  • Tips on how you can join Faberlic.
  • Product information – their purpose, how you can use them, expert’s advice.
  • New product release.

Faberlic is a life-changing opportunity!


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