What Does Beauty Mean?

What does beauty exactly means? The true definition is different for each person. As I am different from you, my perceptions and preferences are also completely different from yours. Each person understands the word “beauty” in their own personal and unique way.

Beauty is understood differently also in each society. Its standards vary, depending on culture and time. Different cultures and eras have different ideas of what is and what is not beautiful too.

Beauty Feelings

Beauty has been defined and explained in many ways. In some dictionaries, it is explained as “giving aesthetic pleasure” or “pleasure of the senses”, and also a “perfection of form”. Here are some other definitions of the word by Merriam Webster.

Beauty can be different in so many ways. We can say “Beauty” means the natural, inner beauty of a person. Or perhaps the outer, physical beauty. There isn’t one and only explanation for the word Beauty. It is just something that you feel from within, something that makes you feel extraordinary and glow from inside.

Where Does Beauty Begin?


True beauty has always been counted among the top values, such as goodness, truth, and justice.

Your beauty comes from the inside. The gentle heart you have is a real beauty, a real treasure. After all, your inner beauty is more important than external beauty.

Beauty Embraced
The art of being an woman

The secret here is to be confident in yourself and embrace your natural beauty. The happier you are, the more beautiful you become, because beauty brings joy! Your natural beauty does not require anything, it is just right there, it is your gift from God!

Beauty Features

So, we’ve agreed that defining beauty is an almost impossible task. I will leave it as it is for now and will let you understand it in your own way.

But beauty is not only about human virtues and qualities. You will have to take care of your physical beauty too. And start with your health!

Health and Beauty

Physical beauty is all about the skin. And the skin must be taken cared of by no means. 

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Beauty Essentials

Skincare is like dieting. You have to invest time and effort. There is no instant miracle cure.

Karen Grant


You’re never too old to become younger, said Mae West. And you’re never too young to start a proper skincare, am saying I!

Your skin is the reflection of your health, it is up to you to keep it in perfect condition.

After all, good and healthy skin is what defines a woman’s physical beauty. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and building the right skincare routine for your skin type are your first steps to care for your skin.

Beautiful look – proper skin and health care


I recommend you take a look at my Skincare Routine Guide:   

The glowing skin is a result of proper skincare, it requires commitment and some hard work. Having beautiful skin means revealing the natural you, not covering it up!

Invest in your skin and you’ll never regret it!

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Beauty is a Feeling

The thing is we don’t know how we look like in other’s eyes. Each person has asked the question “Am I beautiful?” at least once. Beauty might be understood in a million different ways and it can have a million trends, but the truth is each person have natural beauty, which is a gift from God.

It has and will continue to vary in time and everyone will have their own concept of beauty. We are all different, and our preferences and desires are different as well.

Despite that, true beauty is what brings you joy. It’s about being comfortable with your own skin and enhance it. In a matter of fact, beauty can be anything that makes you look and feel good about yourself.

Don’t Be Scared. Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful!


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