Ringing in the New Year

There is so little time we have left until Christmass and New Year. If you, like me, didn’t decorate your house yet, I have one question – what are you waiting for? The new, the last catalog is already here and is ringing in the New Year’s song. Let’s get to work and create one true, festive atmosphere!

So, here we have everything we need to enter in the New Year bright and shining! We just need to dive into the circles of the closest ones, the dances, the congratulations, and all the Bengal lights and fireworks.

And we have to take with us all good holiday’s memories when we are entering 2019.

1. New Year Eve’s Image

So let’s begin with our image. Let’s make it perfect, as we deserve it! All those perfect jewelers will highlight our look, it will let us be gorgeous. Either we choose sophistication and chic, or a refined aristocracy, we won’t make a mistake.

Emerald” – for refined and aristocra


“Sapphire” – Sophistication and chic











2. New Year Eve’s style

Who wants to bring harmony and feminity into holiday’s atmosphere? Or maybe create a romantic image with some style? Here comes one shimmering collection to emphasize your style and extravagance.



Hand-painted Christmass decoration

3. Christmas decorating and creating

So, yes, we have to decorate the house.

Let’s start with the tree. I think it will be amazing to put some hand-painted Christmas decorations. Don’t you think it will be cool? They’ll create some cozy, warm holiday atmosphere for our homes!


Candles? Candlesticks? Yes! There’s no Christmas or New Year without them.

They are a typical Christmas/New Year accessories. Better – they are matching each other, they are decorative and they will turn our home in one true holiday fairy tale!

Christmas and New Year decoration
Christmas/New Year decorative candle










3. Health and food on Christmas table

In order not to lose strength and energy in the New Year’s bustle, grab an “Eat&Fit”. This is not only a quick and healthy snack! It’s a tasty addition to the main meal!

banner 18 2018 4 1 - Ringing in the New Year - the last catalog of 2018

4. Gifts under the tree – Giant Christmas/New Year Sale

17 460 - Ringing in the New Year - the last catalog of 2018

What will look like Christmas and New Year, without gifts under the tree?

There is a massive sale, and you can take advantage and surprise your loved ones!



Faberlic – gifts for Christmas and New Year

gift set for registration

Never forget the newcomers! They just start to walk, to achieve their first goals, so there must be something for them, something motivating and declaring their activity.

Well, there is. There is this program, where each new consultant is receiving gifts for their registration (the complete guide – Here )

And that’s not the end.

There is the Starting program, again for new consultants. (check it – Here)

And a lot more!

Christmas and New Year catalog

Don’t miss a chance to please yourself this season.

Take advantage of all the ideas I gave you.

Choose your favorite and just do it!




Contact me for any help!!


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