Gifts for registration

There’s a gift waiting for each one of you, who wants to start as a Consultant in the Company. This is one very motivating program, as you get to start a new business and on top of that, you receive gifts for your start! Makeup sets, perfumes, home product sets, all amazing gift sets for one condition – registration!!

I guess everyone will fill nicely telling others about their success in business, to share their experience with others who need it, to help to accomplish different tasks. And after that to share about their team members’ success, about their teamwork and the happiness it brings to them. 

I myself feel very nice. Faberlic keeps surprising us in every new campaign. There has been given so much different and amazing gifts during the years, it is just not possible to track them all. And there is no point in doing that. We will be looking forward and we will wait for the new gifts, new opportunities which are coming. And they are coming, you must be sure in that!

The gift now

Incomparable Vivien Leigh once said: “There are no ugly women, but there are women who do not know they are beautiful”. Believe in yourself! Make your own rules, emphasize your beauty, be attractive and desirable!

Everyone who registers with Faberlic from 10 till 30 December and makes a purchase in period No.18/2018 will receive a Renata lipstick and a bronzer or a powder as a gift!

Legendary Renata lipstick is quintessential luxury, femininity, and style for a modern look. The unique texture, rich colour, and lustrous shine make your lips soft, sensuous, and alluring!

The silken structure of In the Spotlight powder bronzer creates a perfectly even tone and gives skin a natural glow and a light tan. Now all you have to do is shine!

If you want to correct your face shape and accentuate your makeup, Fashion Rules multi-color powder is for you. Now you make the rules. Not a single imperfection! A perfect face shape, no signs of fatigue, and soft, sultry skin.

1. From 10 till 30 December, register on and get 15% Cashback of the order amount.

2. Before 30 December, pay for an order totaling 26,99 EUR/ 23,99 GB or more.*

3. From 31 December till 20 January, receive a makeup set as a gift with your next order!

*Not including auto-delivery, service charges, and delivery fees.

Make purchases from each of the next 8 catalogs, and sets of hit Faberlic products will be yours at super prices: starting at 1,99 EUR/1,50 GBP! More about the Starting program find HERE


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