Here we will take a look at the most relevant qualities and the main tasks of this kind of cosmetics.


Preventing Skin Aging

In conditions of the unfavorable ecology and lack of oxygen the nutrients that are contained in the cosmetics, can’t be absorbed properly because they need energy – oxygen. However, some of the nutrients will continue to work even if the oxygen is not enough, but in this case, their efficiency will be very low.

The situation is getting worse by the fact that after 20 years of age the oxidation of the skin begins to break. The natural and inevitable process of skin aging starts.

The Oxygen is vital for:

  • the body, to be able to regenerate the cells and to resist skin aging;
  • for every biochemical process to be normal;
  • for the organism to have the strength to renew the cellular structure;

Factors which accelerate skin aging:

  • sun radiation;
  • dirty atmosphere;
  • hormonal imbalances;
  • stress;

There are many such attacks during the day. That’s why the skin needs special care, protection and extra amount of oxygen.


Processes of Oxygen Cosmetics

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  • the processes of slow biochemical reactions are connected mainly with the lack of oxygen;
  • the oxygen secures the vital functions of the body in the first place;
  • the skin is a peripheral organ and it receives oxygen at last;
  • the oxygen takes part in the final absorption of nutrients, contained in the cosmetics;

This is one big reason why our skin needs an extra amount of oxygen. 

When the process of skin aging starts, the skin doesn’t have enough oxygen to fight with this inevitable evil.

This problem has to be solvent with the cosmetics.




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Effects of Oxygen Cosmetics:

  • nature has no mission of keeping our external attractiveness after 50 years of age. We have this exact mission and we can deal with this injustice with the help of Oxygen Cosmetics.
  • by using that kind of cosmetics we can regulate all physiological conditions of skin aging, which are connected with the lack of oxygen, without risking anything;
  • Oxygen Cosmetics has a complex effect: it nourishes, moisturizes and protects at the same time. There are also products with relevant effects: toning, cleansing, antibacterial effect.
  • Oxygen Cosmetics improves the penetration of the active substances collagen and elastin –  they are responsible for the consistency of the skin walls;
  • Oxygen Cosmetics helps the skin to use the active substances and to keep its balance;
  • the active producing of collagen and elastin affects the skin color – it becomes healthier and fresh;
  • Oxygen Cosmetics can be used at any age;
  • unlike other cosmetics, Oxygen Cosmetics can’t do any harm, even if it is used more than it is necessary. The skin, which lacks oxygen, will absorb just enough to keep its normal functions. There is no risk of overdose;
  • the skin condition can’t get worse by using Oxygen Cosmetics;
  • skin, which is under the influence of oxygen, becomes more elastic. toned and gets a healthy kook;
  • it gets more and more difficult for the recovery process to keep their work with aging. Oxygen Cosmetics has its own reserve, which the skin is using to keep its natural balance;
  • in addition to recovering the balance, the products protect from the impact of sun rays, which in turn provoke fast aging and a lot of diseases;
  • Oxygen Cosmetics is highly recommended for people with diabetes because they always have disorders of microcirculation;
  • everyone, who suffer from exema, dermatitis, and ucler can use Oxygen Cosmetics and they don’t have to be afraid in no way of any side effects;
  • Oxygen Cosmetics for those type of skin is a very good support to the general therapy, which is needed.

Oxygen Cosmetics task

The main task of every type of cosmetics is to compensate for different problems.

The Main Task of Faberlic Oxygen Cosmetics is to provide the missing amount of oxygen to the skin.

Oxygen Cosmetics is a real find of modern scientists. It is completely different from the traditional types of cosmetics by its properties and processes.

The innovative formula lets the nutrients to work even more efficiently.

Oxygen Cosmetics is the perfect mechanism for the protection of youth. It delivers everything the skin needs and gives strength.

Oxygen Cosmetics is a medicine, which restores the balance so the body can live normally.

But of course, the eternal youth is absolutely impossible.

With aging, we accumulate genetic defects. It is impossible to interfere in the genetic mechanisms with the help of any cosmetics.

The only thing we can do is to slow down these processes and meanwhile take care of the healthy look and condition of our skin.


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Full set of products you can find at Faberlic’s official website: Oxicology series

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