Human skin and body careness

What do I need to know about “Skincare” and “Skincare Routine”?

Skincare basics

Human skin can be protected and cared in many ways. For example, Skin Care can be all kind of medically prescribed treatments, beauty salon treatments, other physical cares we additionally provide when at home, living a healthy lifestyle and having a daily regiment. All you do to keep your face in a good and fresh condition is your Daily Skincare Routine.

Healthy lifestyle

Living a healthy life can mean different things for different people. Everyone is choosing for themselves what their life will look like. Having daily habits and regiments is also a matter of personal choice. But sometimes those choices are just doing a bad favor.

personal care
Lifestyle choices

Healthy habits

Those habits you have, the routine you’ve been following all these years, are actually the ones, determining your appearance. Everything that is happening to you has its very own reason. Updating your habits, adjusting them to serve in your favor, will not only improve your health but will also keep your mood in high level and will serve as powerful tools for your skincare routine!

You need to track your daily activities and see which one are harmful and which are safe. Pay attention to what you eat, what you drink, make sure you get all important ingredients you need.

Healthy diet

I will use junk food and alcohol as examples here, but you know there are different variations of food and drinks which can harm your health.

Your healthy diet must be full of vitamins, proteins, and all kind of healthy stuff to improve and protect your body from any diseases. Except excluding all harmful foods from your diet, you also need to be sure if you have some allergies. If you keep eating some food you are 100% sure is healthy, but sill you make reactions you have to take it off of your menu. Allergy reactions can vary a lot and usually you’ll need some examinations to prove that. Otherwise, even if your skincare routine is build up with the best products out there you can find, you’ll still get those imperfections you actually are trying to get rid off!

Make sure you receive enough healthy supplements through the day. Overeating can be harmful as well, so just be careful and eat small amounts but more often.

Alcohol drinking is also very harmful to your health. Drinking on a daily basis can change the skin completely. Also drinking sodas or energy drinks. They all affect the nervous system. Any skin disease you have can get worse because of taking any of these drinks. And if that’s not enough, you’ll end up with dehydrated skin and a lot of wrinkles as well.


That’s causing a great number of problems too. Thing is if you are a smoker, you probably don’t see any side effect on your skin. But anyone who stands in front of you can be positive you are a smoker. And it is not only the smell. Or yellow teeth.

And for a skincare routine to work and prove your skin’s condition smoking is only another big obstacle.

Just take a peek here for a minute and see the difference!

See the difference? Do you get me now? Think about that while going through the next steps.

Proper care and protection

What does my skin want?

An important question you should be asking constantly. Providing the best care for your skin means to answer all those needs it has. Look at the mirror, observe your face very well, touch it, see if it has some new imperfections or sensitiveness. Provide some extra care and treatment for this problem, get some extra precautions to prevent future problems of this kind.


skincare products
Winter/Summer Skincare

If you care for your skin and body the right way, they will be fresh and healthy. Weather matters too, so provide additional treatments and supplements according to the season. This is easy, as the main problems come from Winter and Summer seasons. It’s either too hot or too cold. These are precautions we usually take, but just make sure you do it the right way. Jump to my guide for Winter skincare routine and see what else you can do in favor for your skin.

Provide yourself with additional skincare routines for those seasons and be prepared for season changes any time.

Different skin types and   their features

Skin Types

20181226 004325063 iOS 300x250 - Skincare routine: how to take care of your skinThere are 5 different types of skin – Combination, Oily, Normal, Dry and Sensitive. Each one of them needs different care and one skincare routine for Oily skin won’t look like one for Sensitive skin.

Before you start building your skincare routine, you must identify your skin type at first place. Knowing what your skin needs the most will guide you when you are choosing among all those variations of products on the market and building up your skincare routine.

Skin Types Overview

Combination skin

A combination of Dry, Normal and Oily skin types.

  • Oily T-zone;
  • Dry to Normal cheeks;
  • enlarged pores;

Oily skin

Greasy and shiny, acne-prone, slick and coarse

  • blackheads, pimples or other blemishes;
  • enlarged pores;
  • dull or shiny complexion;

Normal skin

Common among the young people, always in balance, naturally healthy, almost problem free

  • hardly visible imperfections, or none at all;
  • not so sensitive and prone to allergies;
  • hardly visible pores;
  • healthy look;

Dry skin

Can get very itchy on some places, tight and uncomfortable feeling after washing

  • almost invisible pores;
  • less elastic than normal;
  • rough appearance;
  • cracks on some parts;
  • easily infected and irritated;
  • prone to allergies;

Sensitive skin

That is when a given skin type is very sensitive and gentle to some factors and causative agents, tricky to deal with, needs of special treatments.

  • a lot of itchiness and redness;
  • burnings;
  • dryness;
  • allergies or other skin diseases;

Skincare routine

skincare routine
Skincare routine

What is “skincare routine”?

Well, that’s all those physical treatments you do at home to improve your healthy and fresh look, like taking a bath or even washing your hands. Every single thing you do on a daily basis is some kind of your daily routine to protect yourself from infections and diseases.

Speaking of routines, you must have one, especially for your face. Starting in the morning with basic wash, going through makeup, lipstick, eyebrows, to finally get in bed after a good night cream should be part from your daily skin care routine. A routine you must follow every single day without any exceptions.

Skincare revision: Do I need a Skincare routine?

Everyone needs a skincare routine, even if they have perfect and glowing skin. Skincare routine is not only a treatment to improve the skin’s condition. It is a protective course where you give all the best you can to save your skin from future problems.

The routine must be built in a way so it can serve as a protection, not infection.

When you look at yourself in the mirror what do you see? Are you happy with what stands in front of you? If you’re not, which I am sure (either way why the struggle reading all this?) then you definitely need to build your routine and start adjusting it into your day.

If you’re happy after all, it means you are doing only good to your skin. That’s amazing, although it might be just because your skin is Normal type. Anyway, give a chance to one skincare routine and see how you will feel after a few days of following it. Maybe you’ll be surprised!

The Aging Process

How does my skin changes with time?

The skin is aging as we age and that is an inevitable process as much as we hate it. A skin which is already in the Aging process is easily recognizable. With years the skin is changing in many ways. You might notice your first wrinkles rather soon, there might be some age spots, and your skin will get more and more dry with each year.

When should I start an Anti-Aging treatments

That can’t be answered quite straight. Some might need anti-aging treatments in their early 20s and others – after 35. It depends on the heritage background, lifestyle, nutrition habits, and genes as well. Follow the signs of skin aging and you will easily understand if you already need an anti-aging treatment or can wait a few more years.

How to build the best skincare routine?

A routine which fits all skin types

Skincare products and their differences

Makeup Remover

makeup.removers 2 240x300 - Skincare routine: how to take care of your skin

The first thing to start with at evening is taking off your makeup of course. The variety of products you can choose between is huge. They can be milk, gels, waters, wipes, etc. Let your skin guide you. Choose one which is designed especially for your skin type. Be careful if you choose some kind of Wet Wipes as they can be harsh to sensitive skin.

One good choice is Oxygen Respiration Makeup Removing Milk It is suitable for Normal to Dry skin of All Age. It has a gentle creamy texture, eliminates any dryness and peeling the skin and leaves you with a feeling of comfort.

And as for a product which is suitable for All Skins and All Ages I suggest BOTANICA Makeup-Removing Milk. It removes the makeup and gently cleanses, nourishes and softens the skin.

Micellar Water

micellar.waters 2 240x300 - Skincare routine: how to take care of your skin
Micellar waters

Micellar Waters can serve multiple purposes and it is Once a Day step like Makeup Removing. They are makeup removers, cleansers, and toners at the same time. The difference from other makeup removing and cleansing products is that it removes any makeup residue and leaves the skin free from dirt. The difference between Micellar Waters and Toners is that Micellar Water should be rinsed after use. Micellar Waters are fit for All Skin Types.

Micellar Water can be the following procedure of Makeup Remover or a replacement and can be followed up by a Cleanser of your choice.

Oxygen Respiration Micellar Lotion is one good choice. It suits All Skin Types and All Ages.

My choice is Ultra Clean Ultra Green Micellar Water. It is for Oily skin which is prone to acne.


IMG 4621 240x300 - Skincare routine: how to take care of your skin
Face Cleansers

Cleansers are actually a Twice a Day products, as they are included in the mornings as well.  The difference here is that you are preparing your skin for treatment, and your face must be completely clean. When using them at mornings they come at Step 1. They also answer to a specific skin type. Depends on your wishes and needs you can choose between gels, lotions, mousses, etc.

Here is Oxygen Respiration Cleansing Gel which is mostly for Combination to Oily skin. It cleanses the skin extremely gently.

All skin types choice here can be Botanica Washing Gel, which also suits all ages.

For those with sensitive and problematic skin, I suggest using Expert Pharma. It is exactly what the name suggests – an Expert for any problems. Anti Acne Active Cream 2-in-1 is probably the perfect Cleansing product. It is gentle, extremely gentle, prevents any new breakouts, and it will serve you in the following steps as a Face Mask!

Here I sometimes make Double Cleansing by using Ultra Green Antibacterial Washing Gel and one multifunctional product from the same line – 3-in-1 Gel-Scrub-Mask.


face.tonics 240x300 - Skincare routine: how to take care of your skin
Face Tonics

Tonic is a Twice a Day product as well. When using it in the mornings it is for Step 2. Some people prefer to skip this step, but the truth is it is a very crucial one. Tonic is used to cleanse the skin from the excessive makeup and oil from the skin. It is the final cleansing step.

Face Tonic has calming and anti-inflammatory properties. The one in choice must be gentle to a given skin type, alcohol-free and full of skin-repairing ingredients.

Here I personally use again an Ultra Clean Ultra Green product. This line suits me in all ways.

And for one all skin perfect product from BOTANICA Freshness and Comfort will do again one perfect job. The whole line is actually one really good Skin Care!

My personal approach with these Cleansing procedures is slightly different, but that is what I found to be the most affordable routine for my skin. I use them all! I use Removing milk only with my eyes area, only if I wear heavy, black makeup. I give my face one quick wipe-off with a Mattifying Wet Wipes while walking to the bathroom and then I follow the steps exactly as I showed them to you.

Find what suits you, even if it differs from these steps. You don’t have to follow them all.

Eye Creams

IMG 4732 240x300 - Skincare routine: how to take care of your skin
Eye Creams

They are a must do and Twice a Day as well, even if you are in your early 20s. The skin around the eye is extremely sensitive and will be the first to suffer from the aging process. If you use Eye Creams at least Once a Day, you can

slow down this process and provide this area with some extra hydration.

Eye cream also should be chosen according to the skin type, but most commonly you’ll need one which can provide you with extra hydration. This can be Oxygen Hydration Eye Cream, which is perfect for All skin types and All ages.

Exfoliators, Scrubs, Chemical/Micro Peelings, Face Masks

DEEFE53B 77DB 4B01 9F0D BAB1968760A6 290x300 - Skincare routine: how to take care of your skin
Face Scrubs

That is not a Daily step as the others, but it is also crucial like them.  When comes to exfoliating your skin, you need to be careful not to harm it. Use a product which fits your skin in most conditions, then give it a try.

This is more like 1-2 times a week procedure and you must not use all your products at the same night.

All skin types product will be Oxygen Respiration Exfoliative Face Scrub or as a mask, you can go with Oxygen Hydration Face Mask as it is All Skin suitable.

And as I mentioned the multifunctional product from Ultra Clean Ultra Green – 3-in-1 Gel/Scrub/Mask. This is the second step where I use it, this time as scrubbing treatment or a face mask, and it has not failed me by now.


391220EE E0B9 49B6 92F5 6FFF25090A09 300x300 - Skincare routine: how to take care of your skin

That’s a small bottle, full of all kind active ingredients. This is probably the most important product you can ever use.

Boosters work in many ways. They act as an energy booster, antioxidant treatments, and also a day/night cream boosters, working as an activating tool. They also can be used Twice a Day if you prefer so.

One very interesting product, which can be used as a booster is Legendary Oxygen Active Restorative Face Spray. It can act as a cream booster or even makeup setting spray.

Spot/acne treatments or any cream treatments

53AA6DFB D097 4AF1 9D80 1AEDC9986846 290x300 - Skincare routine: how to take care of your skin
Acne/Pigmentation Treatments

Acne treatments can be done Twice a Day, or just at evening, depends on what is skin’s condition. This can be the time of any pigmentation treatments as well.

Any prescribed medical treatments are used here too, but that must be discussed with a doctor, as some products can have a special way of use.

My Daily and Evening treatments are slightly different, but they have one thing in common – Acne treatments. I like Expert Pharma’s products for sensitive skin. Anti Acne Cream Gel and Applicator are my choices. I use the cream at evenings and the applicator at mornings. The other one I like is Ultra Clean Ultra Green SOS Corrector because it has some tanning pigments and it hides the imperfections.

Hydrating Masks

C809841A 0E1E 40EC 9FCC 4EEA4AC9BF3A 300x300 - Skincare routine: how to take care of your skin
Hydrating Face Masks

This step is specifically for people with dry skin as they will have to provide it with some extra hydration after all the treatments.


16D3C2EC 2BE7 429B B5E8 C158086D86ED 294x300 - Skincare routine: how to take care of your skin
Face Creams

You are with oily skin and you are laughing at me right now. Well, don’t!

Everyone needs moisturizer. Even people with oily skin. So save yourself the struggle and effort of research and think about that. Go check your product’s ingredients, or better – just jump up here – this is Ultra Clean Ultra Green 6-in-1 Active Cream which is for Oily skin and my personal choice of cream. Check the ingredients and you’ll be sure then.

Boosters can come in use even here, applied before the cream, and they’ll act as power activators. Or they can be used WITH the cream like mixed with. Again, they will be a very powerful activating tool.

Lip Care

B3914AD6 0482 4AE6 B383 4C22261801AC 295x300 - Skincare routine: how to take care of your skin
Lip Balms

And finally, before going out, don’t forget about your lips!! They DO need special care too! Using your usual lipstick/lip balm is enough, but make sure you provide them with additional care during Summer/Winter seasons, because they can suffer like the rest of your skin!

But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter so much what product you will choose. It matters how you use it and does it suit your skin. Choose carefully and wisely, and the results will surprise you.

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