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Consultants tips for understanding the business

It is easy to be Consultants but still, there are some specific things in every business. We will cover the basic ones now. I will leave behind the rest of them for later because for now I think they will be only distracting and confusing any newbies.

After your registration in Faberlic you are officially becoming a Privileged Buyer. You have your own unique registration number and the right to buy products on discounts.

( HERE  you can find the form to register as a consultant.)

But then who’s the Consultant of the Company?

The Consultant is a Privileged Buyer, who already started action on Faberlic Marketing Plan. When the Consultant is registering other people into the Structure, then he becomes their Mentor. 

Faberlic Marketing Plan is when you start to level up the ladder steps and you are walking on the path “from Consultant to General Partner”. With each level up you are getting new ranks. The qualification is when you accomplish the terms of the Director’s rank or more in at least one payment period.

How to get to the top?

Every path, leading to the top, starts with personal sales – you get an immediate profit, equal to 20% or 26% difference between product’s price for Consultants and the prices, listed in the catalog.

A consultant’s income

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Volume discount (OS) is a reward, the amount of which depends on the Sales Volume (OP) of your Personal Group (LH) and Personal Volume (LO). 

Your Volume Discount is the (OS) for your Personal Volume (LO) plus the difference between the % of your OS level and the OS level of your Personal Group.

In order to get OS you will have to accomplish the terms for LO with at least 50 points for all levels and discounts.



Payment terms

The payment term, also called campaign is time period, declared by the Company. In this term are available specific actions and discounts from the catalog. It is also a Marketing plan accomplishing term. 


Consultant’s Structure

Business organization, which consists of Consultants, who are invited to cooperate with Faberlic from you personally or from Your Consultants. The Structure volume is unlimited.

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