What is collagen?

Faberlix Oxygen cosmetics is a wide range of products, which target is to provide the missing oxygen into the deep layers of the skin and it is the perfect mechanism for protection of youth. This specific cosmetics improves the penetration of the active substance collagen. But what it is collagen exactly and why it is so vital for the human organism?

Let’s find out!

But now let’s see what exactly is collagen and how it is supporting organism.

Collagen is the most important protein not only for humans but for all vertebrates. It is the richest protein in the human body and can be found in bones, muscles, skin, and tendons. The best part from the connective tissue, which is also the most important tissue in the human organism, is built by collagen.

When we are young, our skin contains about 80% of collagen. However, this frustrating process of aging starts only in 25-years of age. Our skin starts loose about 1% of this active substance each year. Natural skin moisturizing, density, tonus, healthy look slowly low their actions. The muscles are losing their strength, bones – their calcium.

Side effects of collagen deficiency

The list can be quite long. Let’s check out those side effects and how we can prevent them.

  1. Decaying processes start to prevail over synthesis and regeneration processes;
  2. Sebaceous and sweat glands atrophy;
  3. Moisture reduction;
  4. First wrinkles show up;

Actually, all those symptoms we are talking about, are showing up because of the missing amount of collagen and elastin in our organism.

Other factors

There are other factors which affect collagen production in the organism:

  1. Sugar foods;
  2. Smoking:
  3. High sun exposure;

Why collagen is so vital?

Collagen production is massively slowing down its action with aging –  that’s the facts.

But there is good news here: by providing the missing amount of this active substance we actually can prevent some diseases.

Improving skin health with collagen

By increasing collagen levels we can help our skin to look rather hard, not loose, we can increase skin smoothness and help the skin cells to regenerate and recover in their natural way.

The substance can prevent joint decaying and pain decreasing

When losing collagen, our tendons move slower, which brings stiffness, joint swelling, and others.
Collagen is helping us move without pain with its gel-like, smooth texture, which also covers and holds the bones together. That helps the joints to move easier, decreases any joint pain, which is more often connected with the aging process, and even decreases the risk of joint worsening.

Help the intestines

Collagen helps the protein in their process of degradation and calms most intestines burning, heals damaged skin walls and provides them with healing amino acids.

Collagen as increasing metabolic process and muscle mass substance

Increasing the collagen levels can help us increase our metabolic processes by adding pure muscle mass and helps in nutrition conversion. One of the most important roles of glycine is the formation of muscle tissue by converting the glucose into energy which powers the muscle cells.

Collagen – nails, hair, and teeth strengthener

The protein of collagen is a constructive element of nails, hair, and teeth. Adding collagen in the diet can help save the nails strong and probably to recover hair loss.

Collagen is vital for the liver

Collagen can improve liver conditions. Glycin helps to get to the minimum the liver damage when absorbing foreign substances, toxins or alcohol, which should not pass through it.

Collagen is vital for cardiovascular health

Collagen is substance, which protects the cardiovascular health. Amino acid proline is helping artery walls to get free from gained blood marrows, reducing adipose tissue inside the arteries and gets to the minimum fat accumulation. Proline is valuable for joint and artery tissue recovering as well as controlling the blood pressure.


Faberlic oxygen cosmetics

The oxygen cosmetics are high-quality products for special face care. The main task of this cosmetics is to provide oxygen into the deep layers of skin cells and stimulates regenerating process.
With help from oxygen cosmetics, the skin receives the number of needed nutrients and a gets a healthier appearance. Faberlic Oxygen cosmetics has a wide range of products which suits every skin type.

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