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Winter season

The magical and exciting winter season is already here. The air smells of tangerines and miracles, the fantasies are coming true…

It depends on us to create a holiday atmosphere. There is so much fun during the season: active winter sports, walks, games in the fresh winter air, buying and packing presents for our loved ones and for ourselves as well. We should find a bit of magic to make the best of the holiday season!

But behind winter entertainments stays one significant thing we should never forget.

Skin care


The skin care routine should be very detailed during the winter season. I don’t think someone will be happy from the side effects of cold weather anyway – nobody wants wrinkles and dull skin, especially just before the holidays.

It’s every woman’s dream to have a skin which is immune to effects of icy temps, winds and central heating dryness.

The skin should be protected at all times when going outside. We should take care of it in the harsh winter frosts and it will answer us with a beautiful appearance and lack of winter problems!

Winter skin problems

Winter skin care problems and solving

Well, the problems exist, either we want it or not. The best thing I can do now states them and follow the rules.

During winter season our skin is exposed to significant stress – wind, cold temperatures outside, dry air inside.

The skin, especially sensitive one, reacts more sharply to all unfavorable external factors. But still, the skin type does not matter, as oily and combination skin can also suffer from dryness.

Skin reactions to cold weather

winter season

When we expose ourselves to the cold, our skin is not receiving the whole mass of nutrients it needs in those first seconds of exposure.

The skin is trying to restore her normal condition after that, but the vessels dilate, blood is rushing to our cheeks. If there are any problems with blood circulation (and almost every person on the planet have such problems), the dilated vessels may not return to their formal status. And that is why our face is covering with those small vascular “stars”, which are called rosacea.

Winter products – “Special Winter Care

Our winter collection must contain all hydrating, nourishing and protective functions in need to be effective!

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Winter Skin Care with Love

Zima is the perfect collection from Faberlic – it combines all these qualities and functions, and provides the ultimate winter skincare routine.

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VERBENA Velvet Wear Winter Line
skin care makeup

Verbena – another collection from Faberlic, which is also very useful when it comes to winter skin care. It is basic care line, but still, do all the work needed to prevent any skin problems.

Makeup products – they also need to have all these substances and functions. Foundation must nourish the skin and work in synergy with the day cream. Mascara is also very important part from the daily routine – it moisturizes the lashes and prevents their dryness and lash loss.

Daily Skin Care Routine

skincare routine
Skincare routine steps

The main task is to protect the skin from unfavorable external factors. It should be able to create a breathable barrier for preventing dryness and flakiness.

Useful tip: Massaging the cream into the skin for like 30 seconds; this way it maximizes its effects.

Daily care products must have hydrating functions. The skin becomes drier and often more sensitive during the day, as we’re frequently on the move. When we spend the day in a heated room, then suddenly exposure ourselves to a low temperature, the skin suffers even more.

Recommendation: using hydrating products on a daily basis during the winter season.

Night Skin Care Routine

Night care is mostly based on filling up the loss from the Daily Routine. Or – providing the skin with all minerals, vitamins and moisturize functions that weren’t enough through the day.

Well-Timed Hydration

The skin needs not only nutritious but also moisturizes. In some cases, it is even more important than nutrients.

Moisturizing creams, tonics, and serums must be used right after any contact with water! These products will enhance our skin barrier and will prevent moisture loss. It is well-known that dehydrated skin is more prone to temperature changes.

Useful tip: using products that combine all functions of nutrition and moisturizing.

Attention: if the skin feels tight after washing it is most likely that the cleanser has disrupted the skin barrier. The skin should feel calm and hydrated after washing if the right product is being used.

Nourishing and Protection

First body parts, which suffer from cold winter weather are lips and hands.

lip care winter care

Lip balm should be used – there is no second opinion! It must contain natural oils – olive, castor, cocoa – and vitamin E. We have to protect our lips when going outside and even when going to bed.

Hands can be protected easily – combining hand cream with all protective and hydrating functions and gloves!! Always wear gloves outside!

SPF – it doesn’t matter we’re about to celebrate Christmas and New Year, the sun protection is still important. Face care should include nourishing creams with low SPF.

Scrubs and Peelings

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We should not use them more than once a week!

In fact, products with abrasive structure must be avoided at all. Physical exfoliants – the kind that uses granules to physically scrub off dead skin cells – can be too harsh for already vulnerable winter skin.

Chemical exfoliators are a much better choice during winter. This is a formula that uses alpha hydroxy acids, beta hydroxy acids, or enzymes to gently dissolve the top layer of dead skin and wash it away. This is a way better exfoliating method for dry skin and it won’t lead to more problems!

Winter Skin Care – Rules

  1. Applying cream to the skin 30-40 minutes before going outside. If the cream is applied earlier it can lead to hypothermia, dryness, and flaking of the skin.
  2. Bath time for hydrating. Baths are a gift to dry winter skin. They provide us with relaxation and on top of it – are marvelous opportunity to hydrate our skin!
  3. Normal/dry skin care – the skin should be cleaned only with mild milk or creams, which restores the acid cover and have a slight moisturizing effect.
  4. Sensitive skin care – it needs even more protection than any other skin type. It can cause inflammation, itching, and redness during certain conditions. Here must be used products with anti-inflammatory and soothing effects.
  5. Oily skin care – it can change its state and look like normal or even dry skin. In this case, the skin care program may be adjusted for the winter period. The products can be temporarily switched to normal skin products.

Healthy Habits

Of course, we will have to make some additional changes in our winter daily regime.

The menu must be corrected. During winter food must contain fatty acids: walnuts, salmon, tuna, sardines. More broccoli, beetroot, paprika – all natural sources of vitamins – will have to find a place in the fridge!

Coffee should be swapped by green tea which has great anti-oxidant effects.

New Cosmetics Routine

The skin is under stress and it needs more resources to restore itself.

Serums and masks are very important for proper skin care during the cold season.

Everyday makeup should include several layers: protective cream, makeup primer, and foundation cream.

Useful tip: it won’t look like a mask if the skin is well conditioned. It will provide additional protection from wind and cold.

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